2022-2023 Schedule


 Tuition: $150.00 per course - Payable to “WBI”

WBI Registration Form (Download Here)

Mail to – 108 Central Ave., Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(Syllabus sent upon receipt)





Spring 2022

Global Evangelism – OTR-2013 (Dr. Osmany Espinosa)

Biblical Interpretation – BIB-2033 (Dr. Jared Willemin)

[Class Meets via Google Meet on Mondays @ 6:00 PM beginning March 14]

Introduction to the New Testament – BIB-1023 (Dr. Bryan Todd)
[Class runs from April 23-June 11 with two online meetings – April 23 & June 11]

Systematic Theology II– THE-3033 (Dr. Ken Mills)

[Class Meets via Zoom on Tuesdays beginning March 29 - May 17]

Philosophy and Christian Ethics – PHI-4013 (Dr. Brian Remsch)

[Starts March 10, 2022. The class will meet via ZOOM and in person at
New Beginning Church in Mt. Airy, MD (hybrid) on
Thursday nights from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm completing on May 19, 2022]


Fall 2022

Church History I– HIS-2013 (Dr. Larry Dunlap)

Hebrew Prophets – BIB-3013 (Dr. Jared Willemin)

Church Administration and Finance – PAS-4023 (Dr. Norm Huffman)

New Testament Gospel – BIB- 2023 (Dr. Paul MacPherson)

Spiritual Formation – PAS-1023 (Dr. Ken Mills)

Developing a Missional Church – OTR- 4013 (Dr. Osmany Espinosa)

History and Polity Church of the Nazarene – PAS- 2023 (Dr. Bryan Todd)



Winter 2023

Pentateuch – BIB-2013 (Dr. Ken Mills)

Introduction to Christian Education Ministries – CEM-1003 (TBA)

Exploring Christian Holiness – THE-1043 (Dr. Bryan Todd)

Pastoral Care & Counseling – PAS-3023 (Dr. Norm Huffman)




Contact Eli Rivera-Toledo (elisamuelriveratoledo@hotmail.com) for Spanish Classes

Contact Willeme Thomas (willemethomas@gmail.com) for Haitian Classes

Contact Norman Huffman (normanhuffman@gmail.com) for English Classes

Tuition: $150.00 per course - Payable to “WBI”

All courses will be offered in multiple formats to include, Zoom, hybrid, and in-person. 

Registrations can be submitted either online at www.manaz.org/
or mail to the District Missional Resource Center– 108 Central Ave., Glen Burnie, MD 21061



Professor contact information
Walter R. Argueta (pastorargueta@gmail.com)

Rev. Dr. Judy D. Burnell (jdburnell1@gmail.com)

Rev. Dr. Larry A. Dunlap (larry.dunlap@sbcglobal.net)

Rev. Maria Z. Enciso (mariazenaida_enciso@yahoo.com)

Rev. Dr. Osmany B. Espinosa (osmanyespinosa75@gmail.com)

Rev. Dr. Phillip J. Heap (philipheap@gmail.com)

Rev. Norman J. Huffman (normanhuffman@gmail.com)

Rev. Paul D. MacPherson (revpdmac12@gmail.com)

Rev. Dr. Ken L. Mills (klmills@me.com)

Rev. Eli S. Rivera-Toledo (elisamuelriveratoledo@hotmail.com)

Rev. J. Willeme Thomas (willemethomas@yahoo.com)

Rev. Dr. Bryan D. Todd (bryantodd71@gmail.com)

Rev. Dr. Jared M. Willemin (jrod.willemin@gmail.com)



Instituto Bíblico Williamson

Programación de Cursos en Español 2021 – 2022



Administración de la Iglesia – PAS-4023 (Rvdo Walter Argueta) 

Interesados pueden comunicarse con el Pastor Argueta a: pastorarueta@gmail.com / 443-739-4308

Será los Martes @ 7:00PM   

Fecha de Comienzo: Martes, Abril 12 


Un Pueblo Santo – THE-1043 (Rvdo. Wilmar Suárez)

Jueves @ 7:00PM   Vía Zoom

Fecha de Comienzo: Jueves, Marzo 17 hasta Abril 28


Formación Espiritual – PAS-1023 (Dr. Phillip Heap)

Miércoles @ 7:00PM   Vía ZOOM

Fecha de Comienzo: Miércoles, Abril 6 



Información de contacto de los Profesores:

Rev. Walter R. Argueta (pastorargueta@gmail.com) (443-739-4308)

Rev. María Z. Enciso (mariazenaida_enciso@yahoo.com) (240-315-5494)

Rev. Dr. Osmany B. Espinosa (osmanyespinosa75@gmail.com) (717-332-4972)

Rev. Dr. Phillip J. Heap (philipheap@gmail.com) (301-648-0010)

Rev. Eli S. Rivera-Toledo (elisamuelriveratoledo@hotmail.com) (301-992-8156)

Rev. Wilmar Suárez Bojorge (wlmar2003@yahoo.com) (240-603-3327)



Costo: $100.00 por curso – A nombre de “WBI”

Los cursos se ofrecerán utilizando diferentes plataformas, tales como

Zoom, presenciales o una combinación de ambos.


Pueden registrarse en linea en: www.manaz.org/ o por correo.

District Missional Resource Center

108 Central Ave., Glen Burnie, MD 21061