Pray for These Churches in Pastoral Transition

(1) McConnellstown, PA

(2) Newark, DE

(3) Orbisonia, PA

(4) Rising Sun, MD Church

Pray for Our Pastors & Families

Prayer Needs

Please be praying for Rev. Gary Milburn and his family.  Gary recently had a massive stroke, and is currently hospitalized in Hagerstown.  He is on a feeding and breathing tube and is unconscious. Rev. Milburn served on our district at Frederick First and Mt. Airy Valley Fellowship prior to retiring. 

Thank you for praying.


Pastor Tara Alton from Berlin The River Church shared that yesterday she and Joshua (her son) were transported to children's hospital in D.C.  Joshua has been dealing with some back pain for several weeks. After no relief from minor diagnosis he went to the ER tonight and they did an MRI. There is a baseball size mass crushing his spine and causing serious damage. 

Please lift Joshua and the Alton family in prayer. As we receive additional information from Pastor Tara we will provide it to you the district family. Please feel free to share this prayer request with your staff and congregation. 


Please be praying for Belinda Brittain's mother.  (Fern & Belinda pastor at the Sandtown, DE church.) Belinda's mother has cancer and will begin treatments soon.

Other Congregational Prayer Needs

Please pray for Rev. Tim & Deb Smith.  Tim is the pastor at our Frostburg, MD Church.  They both have COVID and have been quite ill for a few weeks.  

Please pray for the Drobotan family and the Sandtown Church.  Nine-year-old Kenai Drobotan passed away suddenly on 7/4/21.  Pray for the Drobotan Family and the Sandtown Church as they deal with this sudden loss.


We have received word that Harry E. Nicklow, father of Rev. Darrell Nicklow passed away on Sunday, August 29, 2021.  Darrell Nicklow served as pastor of the Orbisonia, PA Church of the Nazarene from 1993 to 2021.  

Here is the link to Harry Nicklow's Obituary and Service Information:

Please keep the Nicklow family in your prayers. Condolences may be sent to Rev. Darrell Nicklow, 4004 Amy Lane, Tyrone, PA  16686