Meet the Mid-Atlantic District 2023 Ordinands

PIctured from left to right (the bold names indicate the Ordinand):  Dr. Gustavo Crocker, General Superintendent; Yusleivi & Loysbel Pradera; Melanie & Brian Longacre; Solvens & Dynia Elveus; Christopher & Emily Miller; Don & Sue Seyler; Jhon & Theanide Raymond; Ronnie & Kent Vandervort, Dr. David W.. Bowser, District Superintendent; and Dr. Norm Huffman, Assistant District Superintendent.



Board of Ministry Ordained Minister: Rachel J. Zeigler, York, PA Stillmeadow


District Advisory Board Lay Person: Kimberly Benton Massey, McConnellstown, PA


District Advisory Board Ordained Minister: Brian S. Remsch, Mt. Airy, MD New Beginning


Nazarene Discipleship International


District NDI Board Ordained Minister: Joshua Massey, McConnellstown, PA


District NDI Board Lay Person: Leland Zlomke, Hagerstown, MD


Nazarene Youth International

NYI District President - Kevin Liddle (Hagerstown)


7th-9th Grade District NYI Council Reps-
Maddie Huffman (Severn Grace Pointe)

Kaleb Batchelder (Fawn Grove)


10th-12th Grade District NYI Council Reps-

Cadence Kleinfeld (York Stillmeadow)

Emma Ingram (Bel Air)


College Age District NYI Council Reps-

Jayden Alton (Berlin The River)

Spencer Stein (Severn Grace Pointe)


Young Adult Age District NYI Council Reps-

Fox Miller (McConnellstown)

Charles Coffin (Hagerstown)


Nazarene Missions International


NMI President, Jeremy Post (Shippensburg, PA)

NMI Treasurer, Jay Lewis (Cambridge, MD)

NMI Council Member: Holly Kemberling (Fawn Grove, Pylesville, MD)
NMI Council Member: Noel Martinez (Dover, PA Mountain Grove Chapel)
NMI Council Member: Sheila Ellison (Elkton, MD)