30th General Assembly and Convention Mid-Atlantic Delegates

June 9-16, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


The General Assembly and Conventions is a place for Nazarenes to gather for celebration and worship, as well as to conduct the business of the global church and its various ministries.  The following individuals have been elected to represent the Mid-Atlantic District as General Assembly and Conventions delegates.


General Assembly Delegates:

Dr. David W. Bowser, DS


Dr. Norman J. Huffman

Rev. Joshua Kleinfeld

Rev. Jonathan Batchelder


Doreen Armstrong

Ashley Liddle

Stephen Clarke

Oswaldo Chan


NDI (SDMI) Global Convention Delegates:

Dr. David W. Bowser, DS

Dr. Jared Willemin, District NDI Chair

Rev. Robin Curtis, District Director of Children's Ministries


Rev. Eric Folk

Rev. DeVona Cordell

Rev. Stephen Hause

Rev. Tonya Tobe


Aubrey Kleinfeld

Karen Brash

Kay Wilder

Sheila Spangenberg

Yolanda Lynner


NMI Global Convention Delegates:

Rachel Hubbard, District NMI President


Kim Sowden

Sharon Kessler

Dr. Osmany Espinosa

Jim Ellison

Rev. Tamara Adams

Rev. Robert Prescott

Sheila Ellison

Jeremy Post

Jay Lewis

Ashlie Deneau


NYI Global Convention Delegates:

Rev. Kevin Liddle, NYI President


Rev. Jesse Happel


Wade Thompson


Dulci Moots