The churches of the Mid-Atlantic District are encouraged each year to participate during the Christmas season in being "a blessing to another church, pastor, or ministry." We have done this for several years and the testimonies of those that have been blessed continue to strengthen our resolve to continue this tradition. We encourage you to seriously consider a pastor and family (or ministry) outside of your own church. The decision is up to you, your

leadership team, and your local church, but we do promote the principle of generosity and blessing in this Christmas Season.

Possible considerations for this special "Christmas Blessing" could include:

• Any of the 3 Washington, DC ministries: Mosaic, Grace, or Community of Hope

• Someone(s) who has had a devastating physical setback this year.

• Someone(s) on our district that you. know needs special encouragement and a blessing.

• Someone that you are familiar with somewhere and you just want to bless them this year.

• A church or pastor where you served on a Work & Witness Team.

• A congregation that you know needs a special blessing and encouragement.

• A church plant that needs resources or special encouragement.

• A community organization or ministry near your congregation that needs a blessing.

• A neighbor near your congregation that needs special attention and a blessing.

If you need help with your selection, please consider these persons as resources:

  • David Bowser (dwbowser@gmail.com)
  • Ken Balch (balchmadmission@gmail.com)
  • Terry Sowden (tsowden@juno.com)
  • Norm Huffman (normanhuffman@gmail.com)

"If your personal faith in Christ has no positive outward expression, then your faith — and mine — has a hole in it" (Richard Steams, from his book, The Hole in our Gospel).

May the Lord bless you as you intentionally bless others in the upcoming season of Advent and Christmas.