In alliance with Leading to Serve and Dr. Tom Nees

Ministry Mentoring Resources

“Your legacy will be in those you mentor.  Your leadership is determined by those who mentor you.”  


~ Dr. Tom Nees

Our goals:

  1. To encourage and assist every pastor/ministry leader on our district in finding someone who regularly invests in them as a mentor.
  2. To encourage and train experienced pastors/ministry leaders to be effective as mentors.

Our Strategy:

  1. Online profiles of people who have been trained as mentors along with a summary of their ministry experience and contact information will be available to anyone who is looking to find a mentor.
  2. Our District Mentoring Coordinator, Steve Johnson, will be available to people who are looking for a mentor to serve as a “consultant” to them as to who might be a good fit for them and to help them navigate the process of establishing a healthy mentor/mentee relationship.
  3. Periodic training will be provided by the district for those who would like to serve as mentors. Upon the completion of this training their profiles will be posted online for review by mentees.

Next Steps:

  1. If you would like to find a mentor please contact Steve Johnson – (301-992-3076 or email Steve will collect some information from you about your hopes for the mentoring relationship and recommend two or three possible online profiles that might be a good fit for you or feel free to peruse the profiles on your own.  Online mentor profiles are posted on this website. Click on a name to access the profile. These are password protected, and available through Pastor Steve Johnson.
  2. It will then be your responsibility to contact the potential mentor to schedule an initial conversation with him/her.
  3. Mentees and mentors typically meet together at least 2 hours a month.  It is the mentee’s responsibility to schedule these appointments and to complete “assignments” given by the mentor.