Pray for these churches in Pastoral Transition:
(1) Martinsburg, WV
(2) Shippensburg, PA (Ken Mills is serving as Interim Pastor)

On Sunday morning, January 22, Dover, DE The Cross Church of the Nazarene installed their new pastor and family (Brian and Kristen Miller) in a service of celebration conducted by Dr. David Bowser, District Superintendent.
Congratulations to both the Dover Church, as well as to Brian & Kristen Miller.  

Photos of this special event can be seen at this location: click here






PLEASE continue to pray for our nation...  Pray for the movement that is not dependent upon political leaders, but on us living out the life of Christ and the kingdom of God.


Please pray for our new President, as he assumes the office.


Please continue to pray for Leann Brittain (the Brittains pastor in Sandtown, DE).   Leann saw the doctor last week and they gave her a breathing treatment and prescribed an antibiotic. But had to go to the hospital  as she got worse. Please pray for Leanna to be healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Thank you for praying for Janet Johnson (Associate at Melwood).  Janet had additional surgery recently.   Update: I have a pretty bad post surgical infection. I'm on IV antibiotics round the clock. By tomorrow night or Monday morning they will decide if that approach is working or if they have to do surgery to clean it all out.
Tamara Adams' son needs our prayers.  (Tamara & Mike Adams are from our Severn Grace Pointe Community Church) Their son Simon is 13 years old and has a number serious health challenges.  He has had a number of seizures and the doctors have not been able to diagnose the full problem so he can be properly treated.

Here is an update on Simon - It's a miracle story! We hit a major road block in treatment 4 weeks ago. Drs told us he needed plasmapheresis but his doc in New Jersey couldn't do it, doc in Maryland would not do it out of stubbornness and just wanted him to be hospitalized and medicated for all four illnesses for the rest of his life... And another new doc in DC could do it but couldn't see Simon until at least October. We had bills mounding up, judgment from Drs that didn't know the illness but wanted to suggest the wrong treatments... He was getting worse. He hadn't gone outside to play in about 10 months... His legs were too weak to walk. He had lost his entire social life and could no longer do school work from the tremors or inability to focus without extreme headaches. He stopped playing piano months before and couldn't do more than dot to dots. Simon had endured 11 months of weekly and daily needles, up to 15 pills a day, 3-5 doc appts that lasted hours every week that left us with no answers. He always wondered when the next seizure would come. His brain was being destroyed by this bacteria and the seizures continued despite meds... We continued to praise God and our church and friends prayed alongside us for a miracle. Simon grew in his faith and would stand beside me, legs shaking and tears running down his face, gritting his teeth, hoping the pastor would tell the congregation to sit because his brain wouldn't allow him to do so if others were standing. But he would stand with his hand held high singing praises to his God. It was tough to continue but if he could we had no excuse not to continue. The story of Abraham trusting God with Isaac had a whole new meaning for us. We were backed against the wall and knew God had better plans. That night we broke the news to Simon that we'd have to start all over finding other doctors or he'd never get the right treatment. He was crushed and didn't understand but he still held out hope. Simon had other plans. He approached me at bedtime and decided HE needed to pray (although he'd done that every single day) but this time was different. Simon prayed and told God that if he stayed sick forever that he would still love God and trust him and praise him. He told God that if he had to wait months for treatments he knew God would give him strength... The next morning he woke up peaceful and said something was different. We wondered but thought we'd watch him and see. He asked to go out to lunch at the mall! He ate fine and walked with ease. At home I called for him and gave told me Simon wasn't in the house but jumping on the trampoline! He was doing front and back flips! I couldn't believe it! The next day better and played with his brothers...and better everyday since! It's been four weeks! God has given us our boy back! He made up all his schoolwork and got straight A's! He still hadn't played the piano until last Sunday... When my friend came and told me he was playing the grand piano after service- he's played every day since! Truly a miracle! He's going to teen camp and hoping to play Soccer, etc! 

Update: last night at VBS I asked a group of kids how they have seen God recently... Our little Nathaniel raised his hand and spoke: "I've watched God heal my brother Simon!" 

God has given us more than we and your families that have prayed for our Simon! You all are amazing... Prayer does matter... Prayer is amazing and God always answers! 

Blessings, Tamara Adams 😃

Continue to pray for Steve Merki (former pastor at St. Charles LifeStream). Pastor Steve had an appointment last week at Hopkins during which he was told that he likely has 4-6 months left due to his ALS (no certainties, just their best estimate). Steve does not feel led to ask us to pray for his healing at this point. But he is asking that we pray for grace, strength and peace for Diane and the family and that, whatever happens, he will "finish well."  We do want to lift up Steve, Diane and the family in prayer during these days.

Ongoing Prayer Needs

Many have been praying for Diana Loar's son Wesley.    Here is an update from Diana:  


Wesley had an MRI on Oct. 12 and saw Dr. Asher on Oct. 13.  The doctor said that the tumor has shrunk a little more since last year. “Praise the Lord.”  The cyst is still on the optic nerve, so he still cannot see correctly.  He is working but can not drive. However, we praise God for His continual healing hand on Wes. We thank you all for praying and please continue to pray for complete healing.  Wesley continues to say “Stay tuned, He’s still working on me!”  We are so blessed.  Diana Loar