Pray for these churches in Pastoral Transition:
(1) Ellicott City, MD Crossroads
(2) Laurel, MD Fellowship
(3) York, PA Stillmeadow
(4) Seaford, DE








Pray for the Hurricane Harvey & Irma Recovery efforts, and the thousands of people who have been displaced, inconvenienced, and churches that have lost their places of worship.  Click here for response options, as we we seek to help one another.
Our Condolences to Stacy Truax (Stacy is the pastor's wife from Berkeley Springs, WV & Hancock, MD).  Her father passed away on, Sunday, September 3.  The funeral was on Friday, September 8.  Stacey has asked for prayer specifically for her mother.
Condolences also to Pastor Claude Joyner (DC Grace Church).  Pastor Joyner received word that his older sister Kathy, who had been bedridden after a long hospital stay, passed away on Wednesday (9/6/2017).  Please pray for Pastor Claude and his family.

Please pray for Leann Brittain (Sandtown, MD).  Leann is in the Christiana Hospital with pneumonia.  PRAISE REPORT: Leann is home from the hospital!!


Pastor Greg Lesniewski
of McConnellstown, PA has been diagnosed with stage 4a metastatic prostate cancer. This cancer has recurred following his surgery to remove his prostate. UPDATE - Greg reports:  "
I am done with all radiation treatments. I will be receiving Lupron, androgen depravation therapy, for another 18 months. As it stands now I am considered NED, no evidence of disease. I return to Cancer Treatment Center of America ZION in September for scans and blood work.  All the treatments have done what they were supposed to do. My prognosis is very good praise God!"  (7-15-2017)

Janet Johnson
, associate pastor at Melwood Church...  UPDATE from Janet: "
I'm doing much better! Thanks for all your prayers.  My energy levels are about 75-80% of what I would consider normal and I'm trying to work full time again. I must pace myself, take more breaks, and delegate more but I'm doing a great deal better.  I am also able to keep up with some of the housework and do some work in the yard at home, which I haven't been able to do for the better part of two years. We have had to change my daily cancer medications 3 times due to some rather bad side effects and now they've added a new medication to counteract some significant neuropathy and muscle spasms that are part of those unacceptable side effects.  While I still have to just deal with other muscle, joint, and nerve pain, which are expected on the cancer meds, I really can't complain.  There was no evidence of cancer recurrence at my April/May appointments so if these medications can keep the cancer at bay, I'll deal with the side effects!  My biggest concern now is for Melwood and the ministry of our day care. Since I've decided I must retire, they need to find a new Director for the center and that is a difficult task. Please pray for us as we seek the right person to fill that position and pray for me that I'll have the strength to continue working until the right person is found and trained."  (7-15-2017)